What we do.


  • 1,2 and 3 year marketing strategic planning for your business

  • E-blasts template creation, email list building and lead generation

  • marketing material provision (WITH THE BEST OF THE BEST VENDORS.


  • E-blasts template creation, email list building and lead generation, CRM CONSULTING

  • E-blast plans, implementation and performance reports 

  • On-site training with your staff  



1, 2 and 3 Year Marketing Strategy Consults:  We are designed and crafted to help you build a strong foundation for the future, so that your team is self-reliant.  Typically, pending client needs, we will do a on-site 3 day analysis, and meetings with team members, current vendors and seeing what's under the hood. We then write up a 10 page SWOT analysis with recommendations and a 12 month Excel Fiscal and conceptual Marketing Strategy with goals and a direction to follow for your marketing team. Pending marketing budget spends and needs of the client, on-site work might vary.


EMERGENCY MARKETING COORDINATION SERVICES: Your Marketing Guru has left you in a lurch and you have no idea what is happening, what is due when, and what the difference between a .png and a .jpg is. There's 50,000 files on their computer and the office is a wreck. We step in, do a complete marketing audit of the previous 12 months through reviewing emails and speaking with vendors and organize everything in the files, build up an asset library, ensure creative in on track, set up a google-calendar of due dates and make a Guide for the job for the next full-time hire. We are not a staffing agency, but we are willing to craft recommendations on skills to look for in candidates and assist in interviewing. We are available to assist in continuing ongoing marketing efforts during your search, and will train the new hire on how to do the job. 


ON SITE MARKETING STAFF TRAINING: You hired someone savvy but still green to the game. Your new marketing coordinator is feeling overwhelmed by all the moving facets of the job and you want to retain your talent. We step in have conversations with the Marketing employee, or employees and train the employees on techniques that save them time and stream-line their work.